Friday, June 10, 2011


Well, for days now, the front page at dKos (where my UID -- under another screen name -- is 501, and it would have been lower except I wasn't able to access the site after Markos's Grand Transition to Scoop back in 2003, anyway....) has been absolutely dominated by... Republicans.

This happens over there from time to time, and the excuse is always that the Rs are "doing something." They're on teevee, so they have to be talked about. Criticized. Laughed at. Denounced. Whatever.

But it is always intriguing to me when supposed "lefty" sites become absolutely and completely obsessed with Republican officials and their candidates to the point where there is essentially no room at all (at least not among the Front Pagers) to bring up or discuss Democrats (unless they are being hounded and denounced by their own side, ie: Weiner) or positive and progressive policies and programs.

Nope. Gotta spend all that time on the Rs.

Message: Rs Own You.

True enough I guess...

However, today on the dKos Sidebar Rec List, Happy Rockefeller has a really good essay (I despise the term "diary") "The Failure of Liberalism," which I do recommend highly. The discussion that goes with it is also illuminating. It's not as harsh as Chris Hedges might be, but it is a reasonable and legitimate exploration of how American Liberals have retreated into preserving the status quo rather than leading the quest for Something Better.

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