Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Dance

Above is the image on Adam Kokesh's teeshirt when he was arrested at the Jefferson Memorial last week for "dancing." It is of course an image of Gandhi, a name bloggers have a long-time tendency to misspell -- not that I'm such a great speller myself these days -- and along with the misspelling, there may some misinterpretation of the Gandhian quest and message.

Well, of course the notion of disobedience of the tyrannical and the unjust is fundamental not only to the efforts in Mother India to dispense once and for all with British rule, but everywhere else in the world where oppression and tyranny and injustice prevail.

Disobedience of Authority is hardwired in some of us, as is... submission.

It is my understanding that the Dance Party at the Jefferson is to resume today at Noon time. I'm sure the Authorities will have prepared for the Disturbance, as the continued disobedience represented by dancing at the Memorial has been well advertised since the arrests last week. So the Park Police will probably shut the Memorial down, forbid access to anyone, and threaten to beat the shit out of anyone who tries to storm the barricades and dance beneath the statue of the Author of the Declaration of Independence.

The only question is whether a prohibition on "dancing" at the Jefferson meets the standard of tyranny and oppression and injustice, and whether the brutal crackdown by Authority on the "dancers" was warranted.

The matter is disputed.

Get Down Tonight


UPDATE: As I expected, the Memorial was shut down after the Dance Party @ TJ's had been going for a half-hour or so. The SWAT team, of course, was called upon to maintain "order," but there were no arrests.

I love the note that supporters of Republican presidential candidates Ron Paul and Gary Johnson were part of the festivities. Libertarian darlings all.

Here's my question: why do so-called Libertarian candidates run as Republicans? Just wondering.

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