Thursday, September 25, 2008


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There is much keening and rending of garments over the Democrats' cavage to the Bush Regime once again by their apparent agreement with the principal demand to fork over hundreds of billions of dollars to Wall Street in the Heist of the Millenium.

But what was expected? Dems had no intention of not caving, and the notion that somehow the Dodd bill was not cavage was nonsense. The Frank bill -- which will apparently be the basis for the "rescue", "bailout," "reform" measure -- is just more up front about it.

YES, the Dems would "cave." Except... they never opposed. They were already in the tank when the proposal popped up. They would do their rituals of fussing around the edges, but the Democratic leadership never intended to oppose the Extortionists.

They were always eager to please.

And so it is now.

Why is this a surprise? Why is it even a disappointment? What they are doing is what they do, it's who they are.

[Note: Chris Floyd explains it all for you. Perpend.]

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