Saturday, September 20, 2008



Jesus, people. Settle down.

I guess this latest insult to the system has actually goosed the droolies on the right to minimal comprehension that something is actually wrong, and, oh yeah, it's gonna cost them something.

It might even cost them a lot.

The latest bailout of the financial sector, details of which are not available -- and they may never be available to the public -- sounds suspiciously like an effort to suck up and hamstring every bit of slack there is left in both government and private sectors, essentially fully looting the treasury and what solvent banks there are left to prop up the teetering Big Guys at the top.

It's going to cost trillions of dollars America doesn't have any more, and for all intents and purposes may not be able to get. On the other hand, the bailout is being sold as a "profit-making" opportunity. If it pans out, in other words, Americans (exacly who is not specified) could make a handsome profit. A killing as it were. In all these derivatives that are valuless on paper but could turn out to be worth more than is being paid for them. Then again, maybe not. There, full disclosure.

Meanwhile, as always, nothing whatever is available to help the millions who are being forced out of their homes on the basis of fraudulent mortgages and lines of credit they were sold by slick operators, who only wanted to "help." The mortgage crisis has been under way for two full years, and so far, while trillions upon trillions are being pledged to keep all the banks from collapsing, nothing of any consequence can be found to help The People, nor, if the signs are correct, will there be anything whatever, for generations to come.

There will be no "rescue" of Social Security and Medicare, no infrastructure repairs, no alternative energy commitment, no mortgage relief for struggling households, no Universal Health Coverage, nothing. It will not happen; it cannot. All the money, every dime and then some, is being dedicated, bi-partisanly, to "saving" the financial sector. Nothing is left for you, and you and you, and you never deserved it, anyway, ya scum.

Illuminatingly, the People have no voice in what is going on AT ALL. Let's be blunt. Our Representatives in Congress Assembled will studiously avoid any public discussion of what's planned, they wouldn't do it even if it were possible. No, this deal is being hammered out behind closed doors in the dark, and it wouldn't be surprising if what is approved has many secret provisions that no one knows are there except the Adepts.

Many commenters are suggesting that the Deal will in essence strip the power of the purse from the Congress, though that may be a stretch. The thinking is that the banking system and the executive branch of the government (the Autocracy) will become fused, and the banks and the Treasury will operate independently of any petty "taxes" and "appropriations" the ridiculous "Congress" wishes to implement or impose. Could be. Remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, no help for the struggling masses.

You can be sure of it.


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