Thursday, September 18, 2008


So I was driving down the freeway yesterday listening to Hate Radio as I sometimes do while in the car, when some caller called in and started going on and on and on about how all this financial meltdown is the fault of BILL CLINTON (aka: XLINTOON!!!!!) who kept forcing banks to make all these bad loans and how if he hadn't been in control of things all these years, none of this would have happened.

All righty then.

This seemed to start a miniexplosion of Xlintoon!! Blaming, something that had been mercifully absent from the airwaves since the conclusion of the "Democrat" primary. But all of a sudden, now that things are looking bleak, it's back, with a spirit and a vengeance.

And I'm told by some Obama supporters that if Obama loses in Novemeber, it will be CLINTON'S FAULT!!!!!!! Yes. True. I kid you not.

The man just can't get a break.

Now, there is no love lost between The Clintons and me. There are good things to say about them, and not so good things, and some pretty terrible things. There is plenty to blame Bill Clinton for, plenty of blame to heap on Hillary's plate. But none of that seems to be the issue in the constant litany of Clinton Hate and Derangement that seems to overwhelm the good sense and judgement of many people, too many people, of all political stripes.

Blaming Clinton (either or both of them) has become a classic scapegoating routine that people seem to engage in automatically, some sort of learned, almost Pavlovian, reaction to almost anything that seems to be wrong or going wrong.

Those of us who don't engage in it seem to be somehow immune from whatever triggers flip the switch for so many others. We weren't conditioned, in other words, to Blame The Clintons for everything.

But apparently many people were.

How did that happen?

[Note: a lot of "seeming" here I know. It is a real puzzlement to me. And maybe I'm just sensitive to something others don't see at all, and so maybe what I notice just "seems to be."]

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