Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rise Up!

It's hard.

Americans aren't used to fighting wealth and power. They got out of the habit. They became convinced the rich and the powerful were on their side, and if they worked hard and played the game right, they'd be protected and they'd be taken care of; why they might even get rich themselves. Or at least reasonably well off.

Live like this:

Of course the middle class has been losing ground in the economy since the advent of the Reagan Revolution. Don't even talk about the increasingly desperate state of the poor.

Tent cities
are springing up all over the country as those who are forced out of their homes -- or never had homes to begin with -- make do with whatever they can.

Tell me again why America's richest should be "bailed out" -- ie: given many billions more dollars to spend on themselves, now that the good times of endless pillage and plunder they became accustomed to are slowing down? Tell me why.

If anybody needs to be bailed out, it's those who are at the bottom and those who are slipping toward the bottom. NOT those at the top.

And yet our rulers and their media agents can't grasp the notion, it simply doesn't register in their consciousness. Since they have no conscience, never did, the idea of providing for the least among us is alien and bizarre.

The only way to make them understand what we MUST do is to RISE UP.

Labor unions are taking the lead, organizing the Wall Street protest linked in the post below, organizing the Golden Gate Bridge march for health care yesterday. It's a start.

Americans have to shut down Wall Street. Shut down the Golden Gate Bridge. Bring Business As Usual to a screeching halt.

It will happen only if enough Americans become fed up enough with the Powers That Be that they not only yell out that they won't take it any more, but they actually demonstrate by their deeds that they won't.

So far, that's a step Americans are not willing to take, but if the economy continues in its death spiral, we might be surprised...

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