Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Heist

The Congress is about to appoint and fund a Royal Overseer -- some call him a King in his own right -- to disburse gargantuan amounts of money to banks and large financial institutions of all kinds, in order -- they say -- to keep the economy afloat.

But Americans know what it is: a Heist. Extortion of the purest sort. "Protection money."

They're being held up for ALL their coin. "Spare change?" Everything.

Oh there's a bit of slapdash afterthought "oversight" and "accountability" skimcoated over the Heist. Yes, it will be done with all due diligence, all due efficiency, all due speed. After all, if the money isn't handed over pronto, in large denomination unmarked bills, the Economy gets it, right between the eyes.

Some of us realize the Economy has already suffered a mortal blow, and paying out sack-loads of money to the perpetrators now is not going to save the situation.

I think even our dumbest Congresscritters and media personalities sense it, even if they don't quite understand it. They are trying to sell this heist as a way to insulate or save "Main Street" from the vicissitudes of "Wall Street." But it won't do that; it will have no perceptible effect on Main Street, and cannot "insulate" anything or anyone except the corporate pillagers and their handmaidens from the malestrom that has already begun.

This is like convincing yourself that paying your extortionist will somehow keep you safe: it won't. It can't.

That's why so many people are saying, "Look, the crash is already under way; bailing out Wall Street (or whatever) is not going to prevent or reverse it. Let the 'financial system' fail. It will anyway. Use the money for infrastructure, use it to keep people in their homes, to give them jobs."

But that won't happen as long as Reaganism continues to rule.

On the other hand, things are likely to get so bad so fast that any injection of taxpayer money into Wall Street will have no effect at all, and the "$700 billion" -- or whatever -- will never be paid...

Need we ask what we did to deserve this?

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