Friday, September 26, 2008


The Media Narrative has suddenly and completely changed. The United States is now in a Depression. The economy is faltering and is soon to crash. Some people are daring to say that even if the "$700 Billion" extortion money is paid to the Bushevik cronies, the Crash is certain to come anyway. There is no escape.

Pietown was a response to a previous economic, environmental, and climate catastrophe. Refugees from the Great Depression and the Dustbowl, from Texas and from Oklahoma and from parts farther afield, trekked to a remote section of New Mexico, west of Soccoro, to set up a self-sufficient community of pinto-bean and corn farmers, living off the land, around Clyde Norman's pie shop on Highway 60 .

It was a rough life.

Despite all the fearmongering coming out of the corridors of power and privilege these days, I somehow doubt that most Americans are all that moved by the efforts to goad them into additional passive submission to further looting and plunder.

There are signs of fighting back against Wall Street, and other signs of endurance in the face of hardship.

It's time for the Globalist Rich to lose the Class War they have been conducting against the rest of the nation and the world for lo these many years. Time to reverse the pendulum.

The Congressional Democrats have showed us just how "efficient" they are at plundering us -- or would be if the Republicans would let them. But no, the Republicans have -- mercifully for once -- thrown some sand in the gears of the plunder machine.

There is a pause.

From this point, all hell is liable to break loose.

Batten down.

And remember Pietown.

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