Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'd like to think the McCain campaign of lies and distractions is in freefall, and that Steve Schmidt and Rick Davis will buried under such a load of crap by the time they are done with this sorry affair they will never show their ugly mugs in public again.

But we know that's not how these things work.

In fact, they'll probably collect their millions, win or lose, and pat themselves on the back for all the times they RULED the news cycle and for how pathetic they made that Colored Boy look every time they pulled another rude or ridiculous stunt.

It's gonna be a gott-dambed miracle if Obama wins the election in November. What with spending the summer alienating constitutency after constituency (just a sampling: due to the FISA fuck over, the Gen. Clark fuck over, the NAFTA fuck over, the Biden choice fuck over, etc, etc) and McCain campaign's Complete Chaos Strategery, sometime just finding Obama in the malestrom has been a trial. In the meantime, lots of really frustrated people became entranced with all the shapes and the colors and the bright shiny objects thrown out by the McCain/Palin operatives, and Obama's polls sagged substantially.

People want him to do well. Hell, I want him to do well. But when you're up against master bullshitters....

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