Friday, March 21, 2014

Don't Forget Latvia!!!

According to Himself, the Yats, Ukrainia signed the EU's political package today in Brussels, marking the next step in the integration of Ukrainia into the warm and welcoming bosom of Europe. Hail! Hail! Ukrainia!

I've long said that this European "Integration" program for Ukraine (and the other Eastern Partnership members, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus) is intended to impose severe austerity measures on the population while stripping the region of resources, something like the EU has done to Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland during the past several years. It is a matter of simple economics, no?

Of course, the peoples of these regions probably have no idea what Europe's intentions are for the simple reason that they have been sold rainbows and unicorns. For decades. That's what all those NGOs I listed and looked into are for. Make them believe their lives will be filled with prosperity and joy, once their country is part of Europe!

More likely, their fate will be that of Greece, or say, Latvia. Latvia's situation is perhaps the more instructive. As the economy collapsed, Europe imposed such severe austerity than not only were conditions measurably worsened for Latvians, a considerable portion of the population abandoned their own country and went roaming Europe, Russia and the globe looking for work. Depopulation was policy.

And yet, despite the fact that Latvia's economy is still in shambles, the EU and many neo-liberal think tanks call it a stunning success for "austerity." Why? Because, after the near total collapse of the Latvian economy, it began to grow again, at a very modest pace. So. Success!

You would think that Ukrainians would know better by now than to trust any promise from Europe -- or Russia for that matter.

Meanwhile Dmitri Yarosh of Right Sektor (the agglomeration of fascist and Nazi parties even farther to the right than Svoboda) has declared the intent to sabotage the Russian oil and gas pipelines through Ukraine to Europe in order to "prevent World War III!!!!!!™. That ought to work out well...

Hail! Hail! Ukrainia!

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