Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ukraine is Only a Piece of the Prize

I've been curious about why there's such an absolute rush -- particularly on the part of Europe, but no less so on the part of the United States -- to integrate and coordinate Ukraine into the EU Periphery. I've never seen the European Union move so swiftly on anything, and certainly the American involvement in the uprising that overthrew the Yanukovych government was quite open and obvious from the outset. Bringing uber-techocrat/bankster Arseniy Yatsenyuk to the White House mere days before the plebiscite scheduled in Crimea to vote on the future of that autonomous republic is a striking confirmation of US interest and involvement in the process of detaching Ukraine from the Russian Sphere and adding it to that of an Eastern-expansionist Europe.

In my research on the member-groups of "New Citizen", prompted by Mark Ames's disclosure that Pierre Omidyar had been funding the outfit to the tune of "hundred of thousands of dollars" (according to a communiqué from the Omidyar Network, the total funding for "New Citizen" and its member/parent "Center UA" is $1.105 million over two years, but who's counting, right?)  I saw a good deal of evidence that Ukraine is only a part of the Prize the EU seeks to capture.

They already have the Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. and so far as I'm aware, the Kremlin is just as happy to see them struggling with their enormous economic problems on their own -- with the gentle loving kindness of the EU banksters/and technocrats to ease them through these difficult times with doses of austerity medicine.

It's what the EU does; it's an identity thing in Brussels. Viz: the treatment of the Near Periphery of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland during the current economic unpleasantness. The EU/IMF/World Bank/Bank of Europe/NATO axis has little incentive than to do otherwise: embegger the Periphery in order that the Core continues to prosper.

But what are they to do when the Near Periphery is stripped clean? Well, obviously, expand into the Far Periphery (30 slide power point pdf), the nations of the Eastern Partnership:

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

All of which, of course, were former republics of the Soviet Union which had been part of the Russian Empire prior to the establishment of the Soviet Union, and thus are still to some extent in the Russian orbit.

To detach them all and place them in the European orbit through strategy appears to have been the long term goal of the EU for decades. I call them the Eastern Territories rather than Partners, because the evidence shows a very definite Senior/Junior relationship focused on exploiting the resources of the "East" for the benefit of the Core (ie: Germany, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, with the UK as a participant if not a member.)  We have the evidence from the experience of the Near Periphery under the tender mercies of Frau Merkel and Mme Lagard. Not a pretty picture, particularly for Greece, but other countries on the Periphery suffer too.

But have no fear. Apparently with the rushed inclusion of Ukraine into the EU as an "associate" rather than as a member, all will be well.

How this is supposed to work, I'm not quite sure, but if the past is any guide, Ukraine will be exploited for land and water resources and whatever other resources are found will be stripped away for the benefit of Germany first, and the rest of the Core in time. A relative few Ukrainians -- the technocrats and designated "stakeholders" will be lavished with rewards sufficient to keep them tame and in the government,  and everyone else will be impoverished, and many -- as in Greece -- will be left to die.

This is the New Reality in Europe and its Periphery, and we will see it play out very quickly in Ukraine if there is no intervention from Russia (likely there won't be, not as long as Russia cuts a deal with the makers of this plan of exploitation.) The Crimea will likely remain under nominal Ukrainian suzerainty while in control of its Russian speaking majority and Russian forces, no matter what the results of the March 16 plebiscite. The point of all this is not to overly rile up the Russian Bear too soon, after all.

Wouldn't want that.

Meanwhile, with the Ukrainian Thing settled (for now, if not for always), the EU can move on to its next target in the Eastern Territories, and from the signs and signals forthcoming from Vilnius last December, when Ukraine was supposed to sign the agreement to fall under EU control -- but didn't, which triggered the revolt in Kiev and elsewhere -- the next targets are Georgia and Moldova, to be followed by Azerbaijan, Armenia and finally Belarus. Of course, the order could change as events have a way of interfering with carefully laid plans, but that's the order that was laid out in Vilnius last December, and at least to my eye, the EU has shown a striking rigidity of thought, process and procedure throughout the recent era of economic unpleasantness and political turmoil.

In going through so much of the "New Citizen" membership list, it was clear and obvious to me, almost from the outset, that the primary purpose of it was to "educate" the Ukrainian people to accept their new European overlords without a peep, and so far, it looks like they will.

We can assume that the same process of "education" is going on in all the Eastern Territories. Whichever country falls next is open to some speculation, but all of the ones listed are targets.

Ultimately, I have little doubt that the Russian Federation itself is targeted for dismantlement and ultimate submission to the diktats of the EU. And the US seems happy to oblige whatever its European partners suggest or request.

Vladimir Putin has been called a lot of things during the recent turmoil over the integration of Ukraine into the EU's Periphery. Mostly the propaganda has pivoted on the notions that Putin is "crazy," "out of touch," "delusional," "desperate," and "trying to revive the Soviet Union," none of which has any remote basis in reality. From the stark evidence available -- though not easily so, to be sure -- Putin is responding to the aggression of the West. And make no mistake, what's happening is most certainly aggression against Russian interests -- and eventually against Russia itself.

Some of those who think about these matters urge caution or even not proceeding at all. Among them are Bob Gates and Henry Kissinger. But some of the more thoughtful ones include Jack Matlock and Jack Goldstone -- whose papers on Revolutionary Theory apparently are highly regarded among the rebels in Kiev.

Clearly Europe's governing class wants the East and apparently will stop at nothing to get it. The people matter not at all in this strategic game. They aren't even pawns, though they may be seen resources to be exploited and discarded. It's nasty business.

Observing it, even from afar, is sick-making.

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