Monday, March 3, 2014

We're On the Wrong Side Here -- Ukraine Goes To Hell in A Breadbasket

There are times when the situation abroad reaches such a fever one can no longer be a bystander observing events dispassionately.

The situation in (the) Ukraine appears to be deteriorating by the minute as the various players puff themselves up and double-dog dare their rivals to do anything about it. In the background lurk some truly monstrous figures, individuals who have been eager to engage in full on nuclear annihilation for decades and see their chance now, as forces build up on either side of the borders and troops casually show themselves in the Crimea.

War and rumors of war are in the air. Nobody knows what is actually going on in the corridors and parlors of Power, but the signs and portents on the ground are ominous.

And we, the United States of America (Inc.), are on the wrong side.

We have had our lot thrown in with the Ukrainian Nazis and Fascists, unbeknownst to most Americans -- simply because they are so submersed in propaganda -- but it was a calculatedly strategic move by the operators of this game console.

The Nazis and the Fascists may represent a modest number of Ukrainians (it's far more complicated politically and socially in Ukraine -- and Russia for that matter -- than merely black and white) but they were used as shock troops against the constituted government of Ukraine. And the shock of their actions had extraordinary -- and clearly hoped for -- repercussions.

The Yanukovych government was shocked by the attacks and sabotage of the Nazis and Fascists; the shock destabilized the government; the government reacted late and with extraordinary ineptitude; shortly, the government fell. All according to strategic plan. Yanukovych fled Kiev, no doubt at the urging -- or was it command? -- of his oligarchs and Vladimir of Russia, and that, as they say, was that.

Out with the old, in with the... well, wait a minute. Who? New? No. No, the ones installed to run the tattered remnants of the Ukrainian government were re-treads, set up to serve the interests of Angela Merkel and her bankers. Which they immediately set out to do, pledging fealty and submission within minutes of taking power.

Meanwhile, on the borders and in the Crimea, the Russian bear stood firm and proud, biding time, knowing, probably, that this coup -- for that's what it was -- had little public support and less likelihood of survival. Yanukovych may have been inept and incompetent -- never mind corrupt, they're all corrupt -- but this new crew of re-treads is laughable.

Our bloodthirsty neo-cons (the Nuland-Kagan team running the Soviet Desk at State among others) really, really want to get their war on. Provocation is the name of the game with these freaks, and they'll do what it takes to provoke a confrontation with the Russian bear. They've been itching for it, they want it, they need it.

They can rile up their Nazis and Fascists any time they want to -- money talks, you know. If things don't move fast enough toward confrontation and conflict, there is always the false flag and the black op to touch off the conflagration. They will stop at nothing. They are monsters.

Did Washington and the White House get played or were they players? Was Nuland-Kagan running her own shop on the Periphery? I don't know; at this point, it hardly matters. What matters is that the situation is insane, and it is because the Ukrainian Nazis and Fascists were adopted by the funders of the Ukrainian uprising -- funders which included Pierre Omidyar, let's not play games here -- and sent out as shock troops to destabilize, undermine and precipitate the overthrow of the constituted Ukrainian government, a task which they performed successfully. They will demand --they are demanding -- their payoff. And if that means the Apocalypse is nigh, so much the better in their view.

We are on the wrong side here, not that there is a right one any more.

Blind obedience and blind obliviousness, both lead to that handbasket we've heard so much about.

Will the main disputants stop before they fall off the cliff and take the rest of us with them? So far, it doesn't look like it.

Let us pray they come to their senses.

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