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More "New Citizen" Members

The next one I could find a website for -- at least that wasn't flashing malware warnings -- is the Association of Broadcasters Ukraine which, from appearances, is primarily concerned with media coordination (anti-Russia, pro-EU) and freedom from government restrictions in the East and Crimea.
Democracy! Freedom! Justice! is next. It appears to be a kind of open forum where items of interest can be posted. Varied content from sports to intricate political and social arguments. No obvious political stance. Contact is Alexander KOLOMYJEC who appears to be an actor in Kiev. Interesting.
Next is something called "UkrProstir," but the website opens to a site called "" which is short for "NGOs Zaporozhye" which is a city in SE Ukraine. The outfit is apparently the "youth council" in Zaporozhye, and is primarily concerned with issues important to youth. One of their projects us UkrProstir, which is either a separate entity or is the originating entity for According to the UkrProstir tab, it exists as a media relations tool to coordinate messages and methods between NGOs. From what I can tell, it appears to be quite sophisticated. The contact is: Nicholas Kolodyazhniy

Next with a website that opens is the Information Press Center
It appears to be yet another media umbrella organization, but this one is in Crimea, and so its focus is on the situation in Crimea, and from what I can tell, it is hosting lots of discussion which is not particularly skewed toward anti-Russian propaganda. Refreshing. I'll post their mission:

Mission IPC:
We promote awareness of Crimean residents and their meaningful participation in decision-making processes through professional development of independent media and the establishment of public dialogue between the public, government and business.
IPC organizes press conferences and round table discussions on matters of public concern, and also works as a training center for journalists, regularly holds seminars and trainings. In addition, IPC conducts media literacy program for community organizations.
On the basis of Ukrainian gymnasium in Simferopol and school number 1 in Sevastopol School work young Internet reporter, where students are taught the basics of journalism, let the school newspaper "College Times» and their online publication.

IPC regularly monitors violations of professional standards and ethics of journalism - Publication ordered materials and use of "hate speech" in the print media.

IPC develops judicial journalism - to establish a dialogue with the courts, promoting greater transparency of the judicial system, and conducts training for journalists writing on legal topics. In addition, IPC journalists themselves cover the activities of vessels - the online edition of the "Bureau of Justice information" .

Since 2008, based on the IPC operates the online edition of "investigative reporter" , and produced a TV program of investigative journalism "matter of national security" and the program of media and media literacy "Focus".

IPC broadcast television projects "Black Sea" TRK, and some regional broadcasting companies. 
Successfully operating a network of media centers IPC in Yalta, Sevastopol, Djankov, Theodosia, and from March 2012 - in Yalta, where various media events involving representatives of local organizations, governments and businesses, as well as available public Internet Publishing Media Center «IPC-Big Yalta" , Ecopolis , media center «IPC-Djankoi», «IPC-Evpatoria" and media center «IPC-Theodosius."
Hard to dispute these activities and mission. Contact is: Anna Lukinova who appears to be ethnic Russian and who is fairly well connected in the NGO community in Crimea and Europe.


We next find something called "Popular Diplomacy" -- again with a malware website. It is primarily concerned, it seems, with the integration of Ukraine with the EU. The contact is Bogdan Kavulych.
Then there is "Kiev National Control" which has a severely malware website. It appears to be a "government accountability" org, but its focus seems to be on the Euromaidan protests and EU integration above anything else. The contacts are: Dmitry Motaylenko, Vadim Logvinov of whom I could find nothing.
Had to skip a bunch of orgs either because they had nothing online or because they're no longer in existence...
Then we have: PAUCI -- the Ukrainian-Polish Cooperation Foundation. Seems self-evident, no? It does have a page that expresses the more or less commonplace EU Eastern Territories expansion ideas and plans.

What is happening in Eastern Europe and South Caucasus has a direct impact on the European Union. Enlargement of the European Union in 2004 brought these countries into the EU, and this strengthened the influence of their security, stability and prosperity in the EU. So, for example, the potential for energy supplies from these countries are important for the diversification of energy resources to the EU.

All of these countries, to varying degrees, carry out political, social and economic reforms and expressed his desire to move closer to the European Union. The conflict that occurred in August 2008 in Georgia, which showed weak can these countries and the EU security begins far beyond its borders.

The European Commission has expressed specific ideas on how to improve relations with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. They also include a new association agreement, including expanded free trade agreements with those countries that are willing and able to enter into a deeper cooperation and gradual integration into the EU economy. This will also simplify the EU journey through gradual visa liberalization, accompanied by measures to prevent illegal migration.
Etc. These ideas are little known or understood in the US, but they are apparently well-known in Europe and in Russia.

The next one that had a useful website was called "European Choice" which has a powerfully evocative mission:

The EUROPEAN CHOICE - is a nonprofit CSO based in Ukraine since 2003. We are highly experienced professionals with a unique blend of skills, knowledge and liaisons for international investors, european policy and integration., Intelligence, international development, anticorruption, media and lobby, culture and CSR.

Our strategy goal is to create and manage
First Europe Direct Office in Ukraine
before 1 January 2015
Europe Direct Logo

The EUROPEAN CHOICE goals are:
  • to promote and contribute to foreign policy debate in Ukraine,
  • to advise decision makers from politics, business, and civil society
  • to inform the public on foreign and european policy questions / issues
  • to strengthen the Ukraine foreign policy community
  • to advance Ukraine's foreign affairs status in the world

To achieve this since 2003 we:
  • Facilitate the EU People Network with more that 800 people all over Ukraine

Measurable deliveries for 10 year:
  • 500 000 online visitors of ON-Line EUROPEAN CHOICE Websites and Social Media
  • 200 000 visitors of OFF-Line street events
  • 25 000 photo
  • 130 seminars
  • 80 tv-progrmas
  • 6 Eurotours
  • 1400 publications in media
  • 23 European Campaign `s during 2009-2012
  • 400 legal consultations
  • 18 LIVE broadcasting on RADIO and TV
  • 3 offices in Kremenchug and Kyiv
  • 21 staff member and 150 volunters
  • 5 national wide researches on economy, health, governance
  • 15 grants from SOROS, USAID, IRF, CIDA, SIDA, UCAN, UNDP, EU foundations
There you have it, that's what it's all about. By the numbers.
There are several members with nonfunctioning or malware websites which I'll skip. The next one with an interesting site, though, is one called Center for Political Education, which is code for pro-EU, anti-Russian propaganda -- styled "voter education." Unlike some, this one is very simple and straightforward, announcing their topics and purposes with no effort to mask them:
Fair and transparent elections

Чесні та прозорі вибори

We are committed to ensuring the competitiveness of the electoral process, the proper administration of elections and promote voter awareness.

»» »
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

European Integration of Ukraine

Європейська інтеграція України

We contribute to the formation of Ukrainian citizens to the European democratic values, institutions and procedures of the European Union shall inform the European Community and Ukraine on its achievements.

»» »
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Effective associations

Дієві громадські об’єднання

We help sustainable development NGOs that are able to represent the interests of citizens effectively with public institutions.

»» »
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Democratic youth leadership

Демократичне молодіжне лідерство

We provide becoming responsible young leaders who share the principles of service, integrity and openness in politics and social activities.

»» »
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Responsible political parties

Відповідальні політичні партії

We promote the development of responsible party environment, enhance the ability of parties to implement the education of their staff, to establish better communication with citizens.

»» »
On the surface, none of this would look particularly pernicious to Americans, yet in the context of Ukraine, the rest of the EU's Eastern Territories, and the other targeted nations for overthrow of governments, these activities and objectives are essentially "subversive" in the sense it was meant during the various Red Scares the United States has endured. This is how it is done, step by step, slowly and generally out in the open. Where it can't be done in the open, it's done covertly. The US has had plenty of practice. But it appears that Europe is quite capable of handling these matters independently... (don't know whether any of the links above will work, but if they do, they should go to translated pages...)

"Center for Youth Initiatives" is next. It appears to be an Armenian focused youth organization, though it's hard to tell, as its website is not opening correctly for me. I'm not getting a malware warning, but it has all the signs of malware. Like most of the youth initiatives it's mainly interested in "education" about clean government, candidates and European integration. I won't link to the New Citizen web listing, but I did some research through other sources and found the Center listed among those receiving grants from the EU's Eastern Partnership Program. Make of this what you will. It's a demonstration of how extensive the EU's EP is into Ukrainian society if nothing else.
Next one I'll list is the International Democracy Institute (aka "International Institute of Democracies") headed by Serhiy Taran. Their mission:

International Institute of Democracies is an independent nonprofit organization that examines the problem of institutional formation in transition democracies. The main activities of the organization are - monitoring of political mobilization, expert discussions and round tables, public opinion polls and expert interviews. His mission organization sees the formation of a qualitatively new political discourse that contribute to the qualitative transformation in transitional democracies, and in particular the promotion of new findings, ideas and meanings that have contributed to a radical renewal of Ukrainian society.
"Radical renewal..." what could that mean? Of course, sometimes it's necessary.

Serhiy Taran something interesting in November of last year:
 "This is the paradox of the current relations between the Government and the people. I can add that the Orange Revolution - it was an objective process of political change in generations. Typically, a political generation - is 15 years, and every time a new generation comes to power, there are some turmoil in the country. These can be "peaceful" shock and as revolutions. If you recall the story, take 1917, add 15 years and we get 1933 and all hazards associated with it: promoted Stalin destroyed all the revolutionary elite who actually made the revolution.
And this formula in 15 years concluded the entire Soviet history. Fit it for an independent Ukraine, starting from 1990. Based on the theory of a new political generation restoration Ukraine, only 15 years after the revolution of 2004 possible any new major revolution or turmoil that is only in the years 2019-2020. During these years, according to my predictions, there will be major changes in Ukraine and only with the advent of a new political generation"- sums Taran.
In other words, despite the rumblings in the streets and squares last fall and winter, it wasn't quite time for a real revolution in Ukraine. Which gets into some interesting territory -- why did the EuroMaidan Revolt happen the way it did, "too soon," and what forces were behind it? Furthermore, was the EuroMaidan Revolt a real revolution or was it merely a replacement of one set of kleptocrats with another more amenable to the diktats out of Berlin and Brussels? I've never doubted that the rumblings in the streets and squares of Ukraine represented deep discontent, but the demagoguing and manipulation of that discontent that was obvious from the stage set up in Maidan Square from the outset made it clear (to me at any rate) that this was not what it was being touted as.
The Center for Civil Liberties is next. Anyone familiar with my writing knows my Question for Civil Libertarians: "Liberty for whom? To do what?" Of course, there is never -- ever -- an answer. To find that one of the NGOs under the "New Citizen" umbrella is a "civil liberties" center, therefore, is interesting. For whom, I ask. To do what?

According to its own Partners and Donors page it is a partner of the EU.

And apparently this outfit has been active in other parts of the EU's Eastern Territories as well as Ukraine.

TSHS coordinates the project «Enhancing respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in countries and regions where they are most at risk», funded by the European Commission . Besides Ukraine project applies to Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The priorities of the project is to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms, development of international solidarity and protection of human rights defenders and civil society activists from political persecution of power in the court and out of court. More information on the project website ( ).

Also TSHS continues to work in an international network of "Society and Army» ( ), International School of Human Rights and Civil Action ( ), the Coalition of Hate ( CAH www.mhg- . org ) and the Coalition for the protection of fundamental freedoms in Eurasia.
Immediate focus is on the EuroMaidan protests in Kiev (stopped being updated last December, tho), but they have other interests including matters of law and justice and internal security. But the question, "Civil Liberties for whom, to do what?" is never answered or even addressed. According to some of their other pages, however, they are active in fields of prison and mental health care reform, so there is that.
Last, but by no means least (and with the understanding that I left out quite a few orgs because of malware or nonfunctional websites) we have the "Ukrainian Association of Student Government" -- an EU front. Their program seems to be focused -- like that of so many other youth organizations under the New Citizen wing -- on EU integration. One of its partner/funders, interestingly, is "The Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy." Its call for proposals in Ukraine is interesting:
2014 general call for proposals by the Democracy

U.S. Embassy invites Ukrainian non-profit and non-governmental organizations to participate in the contest by the Democracy Project. Applications are accepted continuously, there is no deadline for applications - competition is permanent. Applications are accepted continuously, there is no deadline for applications - competition is permanent.
The purpose of the program
Democracy is intended to support projects to foster the development and construction of civil society in Ukraine. Democracy - a focused but flexible mechanism, which provides seed money for unique and sustainable projects, especially those that contribute to the development of the capacity and sustainability of NGOs in Ukraine. In projects that receive grants, organizations demonstrate concrete achievements and their impact on a particular area or community. Since July 1996, about 600 projects of Ukrainian NGOs have received funding under the "Foundation for Democracy." Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.
The main requirements for the project:
  • Grants are provided to Ukrainian organizations that have the status of non-governmental and non-profit and registered in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. These include: non-governmental organizations (associations), charitable foundations and think tanks.
  • Organizations and their members can not represent a political party, appointed or elected officials.
    The maximum funding for a single grant is $ 24,000, the average amount of grants is between $ 5,000 and $ 15,000
  • U.S. and foreign organizations and individuals are not eligible to apply for grants.
  • Grant applications must be submitted in English and Ukrainian languages.
  • In addition to this competition, the U.S. Embassy conducts regional and thematic competitions, where the requirements for organizations and projects may differ from this competition. Watch for announcements on the website and in the local media.
  • Project duration should not exceed one year. Project costs can not h distribution ATIS before signing the grant agreement. Costs incurred before the official start date will not be reimbursed.
Scope of projects
Theme prioryrety the Democracy Fund:
  • Human Rights Education, monitoring and reporting violations of human rights: Proposals should indicate which segments of the population will be targeted and what activities are planned for the project and after its completion;
  • The rule of law and reform in law: reforms in various areas of law, legal clinics / advising, legal education of citizens, judicial support, lobbying and activities after the project;
  • Economic Reform: Promoting initiatives in the area of market economy, small and medium-sized businesses, reforms in the agricultural sector, support for links between the public and private sectors to lobby tax reform and other issues relating to entrepreneurship;
  • Civil Society: Initiatives that promote the continued development effectiveness and sustainability of the third sector;
    Electoral System: Voter education and election monitoring, training of election commissions, etc.;
  • Anti-Corruption and Transparency in Government: Education and awareness campaigns problems;
  • Preventing Human Trafficking: Projects aimed at awareness, prevention and legal assistance;
  • Equality of women, ethnic and other minorities protection, legal aid, aimed at creating associations and others.
In a nutshell, there you have it. That is the US program in the EU's Eastern Territories.
There are more New Citizen/Center UA initiatives that need some clarification including this one:

The public demands from politicians of primary 13 reforms that have to revive and unite the country. Public figures emphasize that Yevromaydan has not yet completed its primary mission - to change the rules, not the person

 More than 120 experts and public figures together and presented "reanimation package of reforms" - 13 priority legislative initiatives aimed at changing the system of governance and a healthy start work of public institutions. The initiative was born in New Partnership citizen and civil society Maidan.

Reform package consists of 2 blocks. 7 immediate reform experts respected NGOs willing to work out how to introduce specific legislation and Parliament over the next few months.
  1. Judicial reform. Reform of the Procuracy
  2. The reform of law enforcement
  3. Anti-corruption reform
  4. The reform of the electoral law
  5. Administrative Reform
  6. The reform of decentralization and regional development
  7. Tax Reform
The experts also called for the implementation of 5 reforms in the medium term, requiring extensive work involving all political actors and actors in the process:
  1. Deregulation and incentives for business development and investment
  2. Pension reform and the reform of social security
  3. Education Reform
  4. Health
  5. Land reform
"The public and the politicians got a real chance to change the country, although a very high price. We have to take the daily hard work of the reform, which is one of the instruments of change, or not build new Ukraine ", - said the activist public sector Yevromaydanu Hanna Hopko.
Public figures call for pro-democracy MPs to form a group in order to work together on reforms and invite government representatives to actively spipratsi. Participants of the initiative "resuscitation reform package" seeking not only willing laws output, but also to change the principle of cooperation between authorities and society as parliament and government will indeed platform presentation and implementation of public interest.
"Until now, social activists could count on effective cooperation in promoting needed public law just a few MPs. It's time to change that. We want all MPs listened to the opinions of experts and civil society activists, and every law passed before the adoption of the discussion is not "under the carpet" and a broad discussion of the whole society, "- Maxim Latsyba, Project Manager Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research.
"This initiative - an attempt zaprovatydyty mechanism of" change from below "- added Olga Halabala, activist public sector Yevromaydanu.
Participants of the initiative "resuscitation reform package" together in groups, each of which highlighted expert and organizational subgroups elected chief expert and general manager. The initiative seeking new members with proposals to cover even wider range of reforms, such as media reform, including the transformation of state broadcasters into public, military and security reform, and others. Reform package expands, and the initiative is open to accession stakeholders.
After the public launch initiative "resuscitation reform package," the participants to be involved in promoting reforms of citizens in Ukraine. For next week, experts will travel to the regions present their results to local activists, experts, politicians and journalists.
There follows a list of experts who will cheerfully provide their services in all necessary categories. This is, I think, the distillation of what "New Citizen" and its members as well as "Center UA" is all about. It is nothing less than the full-on implementation of neo-liberal economic, social and political "reforms" in Ukraine and their eventual extension into the other Eastern Territories of the EU, without further let or hindrance from Russia or any other impediment.

The Ukrainian people have many legitimate grievances, but a quick review of this page explains as clearly as possible what the "revolutionaries"  have been after all along. It has very little to do with the "people," and everything to do with "reform" along the lines of Chicago School Neo-Liberalism as it is imposed by the EU and the US.

The Ukrainians are in for a world of hurt.

As if things weren't bad enough already.

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