Saturday, March 8, 2014

Used to Be Nobody Died on the Internet... RIP Bartcop

Word came yesterday that one of the pioneers in the online liberal/progressive activist community died on March 5, in Tulsa.

Terry Coppage, aka "Bartcop" was hailed and reviled and adored and condemned far and wide beginning at a time when there barely was an internet, and online communities, especially of the not-far-enough leftish-wing sort -- were practically unknown. was an original and a necessary tonic against the ridiculous resurgence of rightist populism, corporate subversion of democracy, and the bizarre and bewildering media tilt toward ever more rightist propaganda.

He told it like it was, and when he did, he made those who saw his skewerings and insults laugh out loud and roll on the floor.

I can't say exactly when I first stumbled on Bartcop online but it must have been around the time of or shortly after Clinton's impeachment pageant, for I can recall some of the illustrations that Bartcop put up ridiculing and satirizing the proceedings. And by the time of the Bushevik installation in the White House, the site was in full cry and full glory.

Good times.

And Media Whores Online, the Horse.

When I heard yesterday Bartcop was dead, of flu and pneumonia and leukemia, it hit hard, like a gut-punch. Damn!

And I'm still broken up about it.

Used to be nobody died on the internet. This one is missed...

Link to a random issue: #702

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