Monday, March 24, 2014

Putin-Hitler Continues His Stalin-Rule, Crushing The Aspirations of Mankind!!!!

Overwhelming the peaceful people of Ukraine, Putin-Hitler continues his Stalin-Rule while enforcing an Iron Curtain around his latest illegal imperial acquisition in Crimea, forcing out dozens of valiant Ukrainian troops while enslaving the multitudes of Crimeans who would resist if they weren't surrounded by Putin's Wehrmacht-Red Army. As all peoples everywhere do, Crimeans desperately yearn to breathe free.

As one day they shall! The unauthorized, illegal conquests of the Wehrmacht-Red Army shall not stand!!! Ukraine shall be restored to its rightful place among the Community of Nations!!!! Ukraine's territorial integrity is paramount!!!! Give Crimea back to Ukraine!!!!! NOW!!!!

The Great Ukrainian Reconquista is under way! Stand with Ukrainian Patriots against Putin-Hitler's Soviet Stalin-aggression!!! We are all Ukrainians!


  1. hilarious, Ché.

    miz rock

    1. There is that moment, you know, where this shit just reeks....