Monday, March 3, 2014

Let the Fugs Explain It All For You -- Warfighters' Love Songs

"Kill for Peace"

"CIA Man" (Fuckin' A Man)

NOTE: Boy does this stuff carry me back. During the Summer of Love, some friends moved to the Haight Ashbury to be part of the hippie scene, and they rented a house on (I believe it was) Haight Street, a large old Victorian place with high ceilings and carved woodwork and all the stuff that people love about those houses. When they scouted the place, they were struck by all the psychedelic murals painted on the walls and the wild colors used on the house inside and out. Come to find out, the house had been vacated by the Fugs who had lived there for about a year. The Fugs were never particularly famous, not like Janis or Country Joe or some of the others, but they were well-known enough at the time to be considered near the top of their satirical and often obscenity laced field. It was kind of neat to visit friends who lived in a house the Fugs themselves (so they said) had painted tho.... ;-)

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