Saturday, November 5, 2011

David Graeber Explains It All For You

From the outset of this OWS Revolutionary Period I've become much more aware of -- and appreciative of -- its Anarchist roots. I am not an Anarchist for various reasons, mostly having to do with my belief that Anarchist ideals can't be realized in the real world, at least not beyond a very small scale. And the scale-problem is built in to the Anarchist vision. If there were a way for peoples to split into innumerable affinity groups and maintain autonomy while doing it, without the need for government and the protections (and limitations) inherent in government, then fine, but the scale problem cannot in my view be overcome, so pure Anarchism will never be more than a pipe dream.

Nevertheless, I appreciate Anarchist thought. David Graeber's "Revolutions in Reverse" is a good selection of essays on timely topics. Well worth the time to read.

Revolutions in Reverse: Essays on Politics, Violence, Art, and Imagination

I wouldn't have stumbled on it were it not for a comment left over at Ian's Place on the post regarding "how OWS actually works" -- where I also picked up the link to the Global Research essay on the adoption of the Spokes Council model of operations.

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