Thursday, November 10, 2011

How rude. I like it.

These are two videos of the press conference that members of the Oakland City Council attempted to hold yesterday while demonstrators from Occupy Oakland had other items on their agenda. They were rude. I like it.

Part the One:

Part the Two:

This thing is going to get a good deal tenser...

(In Sacramento, there are weekly Occupy presentations before the City Council; the members of the Council are sooooo bored with all the yapping of the rabble. Sooooo bored. They get lectured nonetheless. My preference would be for Occupy Sacramento to send no more than one representative to the Council -- or not even that -- just camp out at the City Hall, outside the chamber. There are windows, big ones, through which they (the council members) can see the Occupiers. Not that they would look up from their texting, understand.)

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