Thursday, November 17, 2011

Soon after getting on the bridge

Both of the Other 99's streams started having problems. Henry got about half way across the bridge before his stream froze. Tim never got to the bridge before he was unable to maintain a stream at all. Since then all but two streams in New York have gone dead, and the two that are up are focused on the GA in Zuccotti/Liberty Plaza -- and they both have had some problems.

Also the site that lists most of the streams is down. is up but their New York streams are all either dead or offering pre-recorded content.

Tim is back at Zuccotti/Liberty. He has only been able to manage a few seconds of streaming at a time, and it's not clear what the problem is.

Many people are speculating that the streams from New York -- especially -- are being jammed.

This would not surprise me.

I stopped bothering with the NYC streams because they were so unreliable, and I always thought they were unreliable because of some sort of interference. Whether deliberate jamming or not, I couldn't say.

UPDATE: Tim is now streaming from the Plaza; he says he contacted Ustream and they were able to fix the problem, and from what I overheard him say while he was talking to them, there was some sort of coding problem...

Who knows.


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