Thursday, November 17, 2011

Earlier Today in Zuccotti/Liberty Plaza

Police ran in, tackled this guy -- known as Romania -- he hit his head on the granite border of a planter, they pulled his pants and boots off, kicked him repeatedly, knocked some other people over the head with their batons, and took this guy away. They say he has a fractured skull.

Some have said he died. UPDATE HERE. ANOTHER UPDATE HERE.

The Overclass is losing much faster than I imagined they would. I thought it would take at least till the next election. Maybe not.


  1. Wow. That's pretty heinous. And, I might add, telegenic. Maybe you're right; I hope so.

  2. Che,
    I can't find any news on this boy, aside from the video. (Which, BTW, was shown on both CNN and MSNBC in the early afternoon. Guess they can't ignore the revolting peasants any more.)
    Will you post an update if you get one?
    Thanks, Teri

  3. I didn't see any reliable update before I went off to slumber last night. I don't believe the stories of his demise or even that he had a fractured skull at this point (I haven't checked this morning.)

    There were numerous eye-witness accounts of what happened on Tim Pool's video stream yesterday. Some of them had to be discounted as well. People make shit up. Really!

    He was obviously hurt badly -- and from what I could see in the video of his behavior, it's worse than it looks. He at least has a concussion.

    I'll be checking for more reliable info today.

    The Overclass is losing this struggle badly; they will insist that they haven't even engaged yet, which is true enough, but they've had months to get engaged and they haven't done it, not even with their "health and safety" clearances. Every time they do something -- anything -- wrt the Occupations they reveal just how out of touch they are, what kind of a bubble they live in, and they unwittingly provide justification for protracted struggle and Revolution.

    It's like they can't help themselves.

    Gee. Maybe... ?