Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Obama Mic Checked

It was bound to happen.

The Mic Check was about the more than 4,000 peaceful protestors who have been arrested so far in the struggle to be heard above the din of the grinding gears of the broken political/media confluence, but despite the President's expressions of concern and solidarity with Frustrated Americans -- "You are why I ran for office in the first place!" -- he failed to address the issue of the thousands upon thousands of arrests, the hundreds upon hundreds of injuries nor even the fact that the voices of large segments of the population continue to be drowned out, as they were at his own little get-together, by the mindless noise of a system in crisis.

The fact that the President has now been Mic Checked, and he addressed nothing of the substance of the People's Petition presented to him in the Mic Check is emblematic of why there must be a Movement, a Revolt, and a Revolution.

They that rule do not hear, do not know, and do not wish to be bothered.

The "Town Hall" with Linda Katehi and the UC Davis community will be partially video streamed here from 5:00p to 6:00p (PST) though the meeting is slated to last till 7:00p:


The University administration has asked that the final hour of the "Town Hall" not be streamed or recorded in any fashion so that those in attendance may speak... in private.

We'll see how THAT goes... heh.

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