Thursday, November 17, 2011

This Is Awful -- The Man Shot at UC Berkeley the Other Day Was a Student

There was no way to tell from the initial reports what happened -- except that a man had been shot at the Haas School of Business in the computer lab. He supposedly had a gun.

This is who it was:

He was a transfer student, 32 years old, from Ohlone College who had been working as a security guard and shift supervisor while attending UC Berkeley -- apparently with the intention of improving his prospects and career path.

According to reports, a woman spotted a gun in his backpack as she was riding the elevator with him. She reported it to her supervisor who called UC Police. He was located in the computer lab in the building -- where he was shot. At first, the report was that he was shot once and was wounded. Then reports came out that he was shot numerous times (9 or 10?) and had died at the hospital.

As for what really happened in that computer lab, there is supposedly at least one and possibly more video records of the incident. What they show, if anything, is unknown since as of last night, the video(s) hadn't been released.

But it is fair to be skeptical of anything anybody says about what happened, especially including what the UC Police are saying (and they have been the source of nearly all the information so far.)

To say they have a tendency to fudge the truth is to be charitable. I would remind the gentle reader of the statement of Sergeant Margo Bennett just the other day regarding "not non-violence."

"The individuals who linked arms and actively resisted, that in itself is an act of violence," UC police Capt. Margo Bennett said. "I understand that many students may not think that, but linking arms in a human chain when ordered to step aside is not a nonviolent protest."

Here's a somewhat more detailed discussion of that little Gem of Police Wisdom.

And at some point, this shit has got stop.

Dignity. Justice. Community. Peace.

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