Friday, November 18, 2011

A Mellow Occupy

Just for the sake of contrast, while exploring the Occupations in Upstate New York, I came across this report on Occupy Syracuse (Unfortunately, the report isn't dated, so I don't know how recent it is or isn't):

It's a protest that has spread nationwide. It began at Occupy Wall Street. Each community has its own version of the protest against the economic burdens the demonstrators say are faced by 99 percent of the population. Syracuse has its own occupy encampment. YNN's Bill Carey says it remains a quiet protest.

Indeed, not only is it "quiet" -- in part because it isn't being harassed -- it seems to be... strangely... effective.

Syracuse has a somewhat, shall we say, "mixed" reputation when it comes to protests and stuff (I was there for a time in the '70's). But its combination of working class and University egghead types, most of them mad for sports, but also trying to find solutions to actual problems seems to be consistent with what I knew when I was there.

And the police department seems to have its head screwed on instead of leaving it in the locker.

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