Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Economic Meltdown Scheduled to Continue Indefinitely

The correct response to the economic/financial meltdown was to provide substantial household debt relief, a real jobs program, and the prompt and effective re-regulation of banks and financial institutions.

Of course, none of this was done. Instead, all the gambling debts of the banks and financial institutions were backstopped (and often paid off, multiple times in some cases) with "created" money, and a few key manufacturers had their debts covered.

There was no household debt relief. In many cases, not even bankruptcy would discharge personal/student/household debt. Instead of a jobs program, there were repeated extensions of unemployment insurance benefits -- for those who qualified, which was never more than half of the unemployed, and in the later extensions, much fewer than half. Typical UI benefits were half or less (often much less) than previous earnings.

Millions and millions of Americans have been forced into poverty; millions and millions face hunger more and more often. Millions and millions of Americans have been forced out of their homes. And the process of impoverishment and eviction of Americans has not relented.

The economy continues to worsen for most Americans as wages and benefits are stagnant or in decline, there is a vicious campaign against public sector workers; pensions are under constant threat. Retirement and other savings of many millions of Americans have vanished.

Yet a handful of international bankers and financiers are doing better than ever, providing nothing of value at all, but successfully extorting governments at home and abroad of every nickel they can extract.

Governments all over the world have yielded to the demands of this handful of extortionists, forcing austerity and poverty onto their people while preserving their "nobles" from even the slightest patriotic requirement.

The People in general have no say in the economic policies of their governments, and governments have no care for their People.

So. There is a global -- and growing -- revolt.

As revolt/revolution proceeds, governments and Peoples are becoming more and more alienated from one another. Part of the demonstration of the Occupy Movement is to show how "another world is possible," and to demonstrate on a small and temporary scale, how to do it. How to live simply in community, in dignity, with justice, and in peace with one another. How to disconnect from the Grid of Control -- and why. So many demonstrations, so much need.

As government and Peoples divorce from one another, "another world" emerges spontaneously. It may not be what any of us had in mind in our utopian reveries, but it is the creation of the Future nevertheless.

The Future we thought we might have had has been stolen from us. The Earth itself is rebelling from the control of the financial elites. The more they seek to secure their own future, no matter what happens to anyone else, the worse their own fate will be.

Another world is possible...


  1. As much as it pains me to say it, I have to heartily recommend that you read Time magazine's "Person of the Year" cover story. The person is the Protester. Although it's speckled with the usual MSM horseshit: it blithely says people in America don't have to worry about torture, and Wisconsin goes without mention, it's still shockingly, well, not awful.
    Ol' Harry Luce must be rolling over in his grave..

  2. It's going to take me a while to work through Time's coverage; there's quite a lot of stuff there. So far, I see they've done a good job highlighting the connections between the revolutionary movements and actions all over the world -- or at least a significant part of it -- something that has been missing in all the minutiae of various crackdowns and evolutions. I keep saying look to Europe and North Africa if you want to know where all this is heading...

    Wisconsin is actually featured in the main video, and I was glad to see that. Sometimes it seems like Wisconsin has been completely forgotten -- it wasn't covered by the MSM, after all -- and that's where the protest/occupation/revolution idea first took hold this year in the United States.

    As for Ol' Henry, I dunno. His rag ain't what it used to be, that's for sure, but something tells me he just might get off on the Occupy Thing. It's The Wife who'd have... issues with the Unwashedness and Horrid Communism of It All.

    It's hard to imagine that era without the complaints and demands and outrages of Clare Boothe Luce... She was quite a character...