Saturday, December 10, 2011

Travel Day

On the road today and tomorrow.


  1. Che,
    A couple of things. OccupyPittsburgh was supposed to be cleared yesterday (Sunday). Helen is there. They are vowing to stay put - I haven't been able to find out the latest on what happened last night, if anything.

    I was doing some research on protester arrests and found that the only time (that I could find) that Teabaggers were arrested during their protests was when two Teabaggers spit on those Congressmen. Every other arrest made at TB protests were arrests of the COUNTER-protesters. Interesting.

    Also, Max Blumenthal. I don't know anything about him, other than that he writes for the Nation Institute, but this interview on RT (8 minutes) is pretty damn good.

    Take care.

  2. Sounds like an interesting stand off in Pittsburgh with mutual eviction notices being sent between the Occupiers and BNY Mellon -- at least as far as I can find out from the Twitter...

    Helen will stand up, no doubt about it, and I have suspect she'll come out on top of the situation.

    Since there is a rerun music video on their Livestream, I guess the Authorities are going to wait till the dead of night the way most all of the evictions are managed these days.

    Max Blumenthal is dogged and brilliant, and has been hammering Israeli misbehavior for years. That's why he's got such a reputation as a "self-hating Jew." He will go and do and show what almost no one else dares to, and he takes a lot of abuse for it.

    Standing up for what's right in this old world often subjects one to abuse, eh?

    The trick is to change it.

    Dignity, Justice, Community, Peace.

  3. Che, mijo,
    They (TPTB) are so unrelenting; it gets exhausting just trying to explain to people what is happening, never mind getting anyone to feel impelled to do anything.
    Sorry to hear about the frozen house. One of my sons lived in Santa Fe for two years (doing grad work @ St John's) and I was surprised at how much snow and cold he reported. "Elevation, Mom, don't you remember your geography?" I felt so silly - all the basic stuff that gets lost somewhere after it falls out of my head.
    Helen will be okay....and she knows her way here if she needs a place to warm up, worse comes to worse.
    PS - I may not leave remarks often, but I am reading. You are valued. Just wanted you to know that.

  4. It's colder in Santa Fe, but it can get darned cold here. Right now it looks like a major snow storm is getting ready to come down. Our place is about 45 minutes south and around 1000 feet lower that SF.

    The freeze is because there were several days last week of near zero temps; didn't warm up in the daytime above about 20. Now it's fairly warm, but the defrosting is taking forever for the pipes in the outside walls. So. Still no running water in the kitchen, but there is some in the bathroom. Yay!

    The Occupiers are doing outstandingly well all in all, at least from what I can see remotely. Every Occupation is different. They tend, however, to represent their civic cultures rather than a specific interest group within those cultures. It's very noticeable here in New Mexico, because Albuquerque is very different from Santa Fe culturally and the Occupations are completely different. For one thing, there isn't an actual encampment in Abq any more. They were evicted with considerable police rudeness from the UNM campus some time ago,

    It's true in California, too. Oakland is nothing like Sacramento is nothing like Los Angeles, etc. etc.

    But the interchange between the Occupations is fascinating. They're all different, and they all come together. And then there is the National GA!

    It's a winter of discontent, of courage, of determination -- and suffering. I'm sure Helen will be OK, and from what I've seen of the Pittsburgh Occupiers, she's in good company.

    By spring, we'll see something emerge from that chrysalis I mentioned a while back that no one expects.

    Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate it!

    Cheers, Ché