Monday, December 12, 2011

Here In New Mexico

The drive south and east went surprisingly quickly and easily this time. It was becoming such a chore that I was coming to dread it. But not this time. Interesting how one adapts and/or responds to stimuli... Hmmm....

But when I got here, the pipes were frozen, sigh. Apparently the heat had not come on in the house at all during the past month (we keep the heater thermostat on at a somewhere below 60 temp). It was freezing cold inside, and it felt a bit like the Ice Palace Scene from Dr. Zhivago. Ice and snow everywhere, very beautiful really, but... cold.

Have been slowly thawing things out since yesterday afternoon when I got here. Have to figure out what's up with the heater and see if there's any plumbing damage. So far, so good -- (Gratitude toward the onlooking piping divinities and spirits) -- but we'll see when things are all thawed.

Meanwhile today's Port Actions are under way. The police at Oakland's action are assembling threateningly.

Watch live streaming video from occupyoakland at

It's what they do.

Meanwhile Tim Pool is in Long Beach being denied "press" status.

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