Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's Not Fool Ourselves

There are more police than demonstrators at port after port today. In Houston the police and fire department are using a Big Red Tent to hide the actual arrest of demonstrators who have laid down in the street.

Evolution Revolution.

They can use tents, too, you know! And there are more of them than you! Ha ha.

This winter is going to be remarkable.

And still "Power yields nothing..."

Welllll, surprise surprise.

Oakland was shut down. San Diego was shut down. I'm not sure of any others at this point. Despite the overwhelming police presence, in other words, far outnumbering the demonstrators in some cases, the union stewards said "go home." And so the truckers and the longshoremen did. Ha.

Meanwhile word comes that all the charges against all the arrestees in Sacramento (113 at last count) have been dropped by the City... "in the interests of justice." Of course.

Was not able to get out to the Los Lunas action at the Wal-Mart distribution center -- just as well, it looks like there will be a major snow storm tonight if it isn't going on already -- but I'm sure the (Un)Occupy 'Burque folks have things well in hand as they are quite a feisty bunch. If things work out, I'm planning to head up to Santa Fe on Thursday, see how they're doing and then attend Las Posadas. So far as I know, Occupy Santa Fe are not even under threat of eviction from Railyard Park. But then, sometimes it's a little hard to sort out just what all is going on.


  1. We are nothing but exploitable resources -- or parasites.

    Unions are a threat to the Overclass.

    Their destruction is axiomatic...