Friday, October 7, 2011

19 20 Arrested Last Night [with inserted updates]

No violence.

The arrests appeared to be carefully choreographed, done -- on both sides -- with a great deal of professional courtesy and respect, everyone, including heavy media presence, performing their roles.

But then word comes this morning that a few of the arrestees have been released, charged with trespass and interfering with business (whatever that is), [the actual charge is "failure to disperse," but the charge sheet says "remaining at a place of riot post order to" -- oops. There no riot] while a number of drivers-by were cited during the day for "illegal use of horn" by honking in support of the demonstrators.

Furthermore, the arrestees have been "banned for life" from ever setting foot on the plaza again. [See updates in Livestream post. In fact the "ban" was a form of restraining order that was "issued in error" according to a member of the police force who personally contacted each arrestee. I witnessed at least one of those contacts. It was a remarkable scene.]


That's a good one.

Onward in Solidarity.

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