Friday, October 14, 2011

The Whole World's Watching -- They We Are Not Leaving

Livestreaming the attempted eviction of OccupyWallStreet from Liberty Plaza, New York:

(Global Revolution's OccupyWallStreet Livestream seems to be having one of its nearly perpetual breakdowns...)

People with any memory at all may find this scene so inspiring on the one hand -- and so nervous making on the other.


OccupyDenver is also under assault.

(Denver Post is livecasting, the park has been... cleared?)

I'm sure there are others facing eviction "for cleaning" tonight.

Occupy Austin, for example:
Watch live streaming video from occupyaustin at

OccupySeattle is facing many of the same struggles.

Is there a coordinated action by The Rulers under way? Ohhh....

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