Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Barnaby Speak -- You Listen: "STAND UP; FIGHT BACK."

The kids are all right.

This video, as well as another of the same speech from Counterfire and the Coalition of Resistance in Britain, has been a staple filler for the often balky and frequently offline OccupyWallStreet Livestream. The speaker is 15 year-old London student Barnaby Raine, who became one of the most articulate and engaging spokespeople for the student uprisings in London and throughout Britain last year in opposition to the austerity cuts in the education budget put forward by the coalition Tory/Lib-Dem government.

The cuts, of course, passed Parliament, and there have been more cuts this year; austerity is the fashion and the rule of governments throughout the "free" world - ha - on the essentially backwards principle that only by cutting government budgets can the western world's economies recover from a long period of recession, doldrum and decline.

The principle is wrong.

People all over the western world, and now -- finally -- in the United States, are standing up and fighting back, resisting intellectually, morally, and physically with their bodies the impositions and the extractions of the rulers, the 1%, whose powers to affect the rest of us have been unbridled during and before the economic crisis.

The People have risen up, have found their voice, and they have made the powerful tremble.

The People have not yet won.

There is much more work to be done.

Dude is quite the rabble rouser.

From the YouTube comments:

He tells his story, his perspective of that day. His message is clear. "Stand up and fight back." That's a lot for a 15 year old. Most kids are worried about there "rank" in black ops. Try not dismissing him, try supporting this budding activist and his fight against the "establishment." These young adults may be the ones who bail your ass out when you are too old to fight back.

Damn straight.

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