Friday, October 14, 2011

HipHop Occupy

This is one of the Seattle livestreams. There was just a hip hop flash mob in the shopping mall there. The guy with the video was told by a mall cop to stop the video. The videographer said no. The cop became quite insistent. The videographer said, "OK, I'll go outside." Which he did. Slowly. Meanwhile the hip hop occupy people were going upstairs in the mall and chanting "Hip Hop Occupy!"

Outside in the Westlake Park, there was intense discussion about the level of official interference in the Occupation. A Native American came on camera and said "It's about time people rose up. Indian people don't have any rights." The videographer said, "Nobody has any rights, they're being taken away from us." "You gotta fight," says the Indian.

There is still dissension among the occupiers. There's a man loudly insisting that everyone should go to City Hall Park. But there was a vote last night and the majority decided not to go. They are trying to stay at Westlake, but they are being told they can't sleep there, and their equipment has been removed.

There is now going to be an ad hoc meeting of the General Assembly on the Plaza.

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