Saturday, October 8, 2011

Step by Step

Advice to the confused proletariat:

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These are easy things, simple things, things that surprisingly few Americans seem to have thought about or -- apparently -- done.

But there is another side to it, the starker side that many of the Occupiers are all too familiar with. Go here. Go here now. Do not delay. Do not read the rest of this post until you go. Go here now and read the stories that you find there.

Millions and millions of Americans have been forced into poverty every year since the beginning of this Endless Recession while those on the top of the heap have reaped greater and ever greater rewards at everyone else's expense. They -- and only they -- have benefited from this catastrophic situation, and fully intend to keep it that way.

*Millions and millions of Americans don't have bank accounts to transfer to credit unions.

*Millions and millions of Americans don't have credit or debit cards and can't get them.

* Millions and millions of Americans don't have checking accounts and can't get them; nor do they have any place to withdraw cash from. They may not have any cash when it comes to it.

* Millions and millions of Americans are dropping out -- or are being dropped out -- of the consumer economy. Shopping? What's that?

* Millions and millions of Americans are not connected to the internet and cannot become connected because they can't afford the apparatus and the monthly fees. Their only access to "news" is the television or newspapers or... more and more... word of mouth.

I've been hammering this point for years:

It is the deliberate policy of the United States Government and its sponsors to drive millions upon millions of Americans into poverty so that the sponsors of this Government may continue to enjoy the fruits of other people's labor.

That #OWS action is, in part, a populist response to that simple fact.

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