Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oakland, live. From above.

[Screenshot, they don't have an embed code. Link below]


They fired tear gas into the crowd about an hour ago. So far as I could tell, there was nothing happening within the crowd to justify it. Now there are about half as many demonstrators on the street -- maybe 1000 -- getting much closer to the police. And demonstrating.

What the Oakland police did early this morning about 4:30a was appalling. I saw the camp -- wreckage of the camp -- on the livestream after the assault. It was godawful and without justification. Be skeptical about anything you read about what happened and why. It was a large encampment in a very visible position in front of the Oakland City Hall; the police claim all kinds of things about how dangerous, etc, the Occupy Oakland people were and how they had to do what they did. Sure. Whatever.

It's Oakland.

At any rate, there is a standoff between police and demonstrators in central Oakland going on right now. Well, there was. The police fired gas again just now.


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