Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chris Hedges Explains All About the Occupations to Some Canadian Twit


  1. I expected better from Canadian media.

    Hedges was right. It sounded like Fox News.

    But why did he run from the label of "left-wing"? I hate when lefties do that. Why aren't lefties proud of being lefties?

    I think we have the best ideas, ideals, solutions, track record, philosophies, etc. etc. The left wants to end the plutocracy. Righties want to join it, if they aren't there already. Why equivocate and say it's really "conservative"?

    I'm sick and tired of hearing "it's not a left/right thing. Yes, dammit. It is!! And if someone says it's class, not left or right. Well, which side of the aisle fights for the working class? It aint the right.

    The left needs to be clear, never equivocate, never run away, never get into a defensive crouch, and own its past, own its history of fighting for civil and economic rights.

    It's long past time to put rightists on the defensive.

  2. What left?

    In the United States, the left has a huge identity problem after being de-legitimized and ignored all these years. A de-legitimization process that is currently under way in Canada, where the still active left is under assault by a triumphalist right wing -- and the media.

    In the United States, the "left" -- as the term is understood -- means the extraordinarily timid and highly conservative Democratic Party. To me, that's just nonsense. And it may be why Hedges bridled at the "leftist" jibe. It's because of what the term means in the US: it's an insult. And it means timid and Democratic. He loathes the Democrats. Deeply. Passionately. With extreme prejudice.

    If the real left, the Marxists and Socialists, can reclaim the honor and the legacy of the term, then it won't be an insult any more.

    Marx was right. Socialism works. Etc.

    There's nothing to be ashamed of, and very much to be extremely proud of.