Sunday, October 2, 2011

"There's somethin' happening here..."

There are now a huge number of videos posted on line of the events on the Edmund Pettus, er, I mean, Brooklyn Bridge yesterday. No doubt more will surface as time goes by. Everybody had their camera running.

One that is kind of critical for understanding the testimony of so many marchers who claim the police let them or led them on to the bridge is this one:

Here's the important excerpt:

It's plain as day. The police were in fact leading the marchers onto the motor traffic lanes of the bridge just as witnesses testified.

Why they were doing it is an issue we can't resolve from the video evidence, but that they did it is indisputable.

That said, I think the demonstrators could benefit from some additional training in passive resistance.

This is really turning into an object lesson for all of us.

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