Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Damn I'm Easily Amused

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"We need to sacrifice on behalf of our suffering brothers and sisters on Wall Street!"

City Council meeting in a few.

The scuttlebutt is that it will be a unanimous vote against a variance or exemption or special use permit for the OccupySacramento folks in Cesar Chavez Plaza Park. The Mayor has come out against any further accommodation, the Bee has declared the that the Occupation has "worn out its welcome," and something is being cooked up by some of the Occupiers for after the Council meeting. I have no idea what. Much secrecy and skullduggery all around. There was a rumor that Cindy Sheehan might come back today. Then again, we've heard plenty of rumors before.

And I've been getting some calls from people who know people and they say, basically, "Watch it..." ... sounds like somebody is prepping some kind of endgame, but who or what... don't ask me, I don't know. We've been hearing that sort of thing all along anyway, but now it seems to be driven by additional anxiety over an "official" refusal to accommodate the Occupation. Also, I'm hearing warnings about some of the individuals involved in the Occupation. But again, what's new with that?

A cop got dogbit in the Plaza yesterday, a dog that was tied to a tree but was guarding a demonstrator's tent while she went to the store for some supplies I'm told. A cop went to check her tent, the dog lunged at him (although no one actually saw this, but that's the current story as of last night). The cop pepper-sprayed the dog, and the dog bit him. Major to do in the Plaza, much Emergency Services, arrived, the dog was detained, the cop bandaged up, and the tension level in the Plaza went sky high.

The call went out not to volunteer for arrest last night. The dog-bite incident was one reason. There were others which will have to wait, cause I've got to get down there.

Things are changing. But for the time being, watch the Revolution Chant as performed in New York City.

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