Saturday, October 29, 2011

Be the Change...


  1. Hey, Che,
    Hope you are feeling better.
    I don't know if you know who Morris Berman is - he was a professor of sociology at American U and wrote a series of books about the decline of the US (Dark Ages America) as well as a series about community (Wandering Gods). In any case, he keeps a blog at and his essay, "Energy vs Analysis", touches on the OWS movement. This essay is currently the fourth down in the lineup on his blog, I think. The essay is very good; but continue to the comments for some really thought-provoking discussion. Berman actively participates in his comments section - tis a wonderment and a joy.
    Check it out if you have time. And read his books - great, great stuff.
    Stay strong (keep on truckin' :) )

  2. teri,

    Isn't it fascinating that so many people are getting so many different things out of OWS and its kin world-wide?

    As my spiritual compadre The Stimulator would put it, "that is Some Serious-Mutha-fuckin'-Shit."

    I'm reading the Berman Thing now, may take a while to cruise through it... ;-) Patience and Persistence...